Over the years I have been researching and reconstructing the ancient longheads here in North America, Turtle Island.


The trail has led me and shown me that head re-shaping took place all over North America.  Oral tradition has led the way, followed by DNA research, and my own intuition.

As a living decendant of the Spokane Indian People~ "Children Of The Sun," I take heritage and culture to heart.  


It is with great respect and privilege to be here to see what magnificent work is being done by a true artist of this day and age.


Head re-shaping was a cultural practice done by the Spokane Indigenous as well as other Pacific Northwest tribes. Marcia's work gives these ancient people a chance to be with us again. These amazing repatriations give us a perfect sight into the past world of the greats!


Her work is truly inspiring on so many levels and is spot on with true history. Words cannot express the gratitude I have in seeing not only my ancestors but Earths past coming back to life!

NIck Barger