MKM experience5 - The creative journey within


Kicking off the New Year with a video!


Taking a look at artistic creations from the past 7 years and introducing MKMexperience5 which will explore more about the creative journey "within" while living on the Pacific Northwest Coast.


I use the simple tools available to me for shooting video and editing which includes an iPhone and iMovie software.



Over the last 2 years I have been journal sketching with Bic Pen on handmade journal paper and just finished the book. There are 67 sketches and this video takes you through each one of them. Hope you enjoy the work!

ONE ARTIST'S LIFE - MKM experience5


Most want to know where I draw my inspiration when creating so I thought the best way would be to take you on the journey with me.


"Where We Walk" will be short videos that will take you into the forest and in the art studio so you can watch the process.


For creating and editing the videos I will be utilizing my phone and iMovie. Nothing more than the simple tools that I have around me. This first video is a short clip or introduction to "Where We Walk."





For many of us the solitude of this awkward time is something we fight and push back against. 
But one woman in Bellingham seeks out the lonesome corners of this beautiful part of the world, and she uses them to fuel her imagination... and what haunting, fascinating things she unleashes!  
Just wait til she opens up her leatherbound sketch book! Wait til the mysteries of the forest reveal the mysteries inside her mind! 

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(Shot by Doug Pigsley, edited by Darrin Tegman, and as always, thanks to producer Joan Kinsey)

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